Technical Systems Solutions & Measurements (TSSM) is a certified full-service Air/Water Testing, Measurement and Balancing company founded in 2001 specializing in working on commercial, institutional and residential HVAC systems. TSSM provides a range of services - from simple field surveys of existing conditions - to testing and balancing of newly installed HVAC systems - to commissioning of existing/new mechanical systems. Amongst it's many capabilities, TSSM primarily assures that building mechanical systems (a) perform as designed, (b) maintain interior environmental conditions, (c) operate at optimum efficiency and (d) adhere to the most recent air quality standards.

TSSM is truly unique from the rest of the testing and balancing industry in that the company is partnered with AMA Consulting Engineers, a full-service MEP design firm headquartered in NYC. Harkening back to the days of yesteryear where this type of business was linked to the design community, this partnership provides TSSM with access to a skilled staff of HVAC professional design engineers to assist with troubleshooting and to help diagnose operating and/or design issues. Rather than just submitting reports based on air readings performed with little regard for 'why,' TSSM is able to perform air readings and then - should there be any problems - work directly with in-house design engineers to determine the root causes of any problems and make recommendations on how to solve the problems as part of the normal report submission. This intelligient work process saves the end users steps in the start-up process and ultimately saving the end users time/money. TSSM's paperwork is 'smart' before it leaves the office.